How Your Stay At MOTU Benefits Our Community

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Rarotonga Community

MOTU is a family-owned trust and over the years that our family has been visiting the Cook Islands and reconnecting with our Rarotongan ancestry, we have also been supporting our community. This is work that continues today and the profit from every stay at MOTU greatly contributes to it.

Before reopening its borders to Kiwi guests in May, the Cook Islands was closed to tourism for over a year. With tourism making up almost 70% of our country’s GDP this has had a huge impact on our island nation.

We have never had a case of Covid-19 and the sooner we can see our island thriving with travellers again, the better it will be for all of us. We know you are desperate for a holiday too!

MOTU’s journey began over ten years ago when John began donating his expertise as a surgeon to Rarotonga hospital. This has flourished into a long-term commitment involving his NZ based medical staff, his daughter Liz who has become a doctor, a regular programme of surgeries, training and support, and a full scholarship for Pasifika med students to study in Auckland.

During this time, Rose established the Fetu Ta’i art patrons group to support the Tautai Pacific Arts Trust, which offers mentoring and financial support to artists from across the Pacific islands, some of whom have works that are on view at MOTU.

MOTU has been created to help fuel these initiatives, so your stay at MOTU will not only benefit you, it will directly impact your Cook Islands hosts who make the experience so special and enjoyable.

Meitaki for staying with us and supporting our community.