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Rarotonga travel guide

Here’s our Rarotonga travel guide with tips on how you can be a sustainable traveler and ensure you have a positive impact on our environment and our people.

As custodians of this island sanctuary, we are committed to making sustainable environmental choices to help neutralise the impact of tourism on our land and ocean.

We are also a family owned trust rather than a commercial enterprise. The profits from MOTU go back into our local community through funding and support for healthcare, education and the arts, making us a sustainable travel choice for your island escape. You can read more about this here.

Our guide for being a sustainable traveler in Rarotonga:

  • Use the electric bikes that all MOTU guests have access to free of charge.
  • The reusable shopping bag provided to all our guests is yours to keep so take it with you as you explore the island to avoid using plastic bags.
  • Use the metal water bottle we’ve given you and refill it from the tap. All of our tap water is filtered and safe to drink so there’s no need to buy bottled water.
  • Avoid single use packaging and plastic straws where possible.
  • Use reef-safe sunscreen because standard sunscreen is harmful to the lagoon.
  • Consider reusing your bathroom towels. Please hang up your towels to indicate this choice as towels left on the floor will be replaced.
  • Leave plastic containers, cans and paper under your sink for us to recycle.
  • Use the rubbish bins provided in your villa. We don’t use plastic liners in the bins so please be considerate of our housekeepers and wrap personal hygiene products in paper before disposing in the bin.
  • Close the windows of your villa when the air conditioning is on and turn it off when leaving.
  • The electricity in Rarotonga is diesel generated so we kindly ask you to mind your consumption by turning off lights, air conditioning and other appliances while out of your villa.

We are proud to have been awarded Mana Tiaki eco certification status and we hope you’ll help us continue to make a positive impact by embracing a sustainable mindset throughout your stay.


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