Supporting Our Local Environmental Organisation

Motu Rarotonga Blog

As a sustainable resort, we know that when it comes to protecting our environment it requires a collective effort. That’s why we’re proud to be gold members of Te Ipukarea Society – our local environmental organisation.

We share their philosophy that we do not own our land and marine resources but borrow them from future generations, and we have a responsibility to leave them in good condition.

Te Ipukarea Society manages a huge range of environmental initiatives to protect our natural resources, implement greener infrastructure and educate current and future generations. They are currently working on around 50 projects which you can read more about here:
Ecologically Sustainable Development
including Green Tourism
Waste Reduction
Youth Program
Climate Change

If you would like to help protect our piece of paradise, you can join or donate to Te Ipukarea Society.

Choosing to stay at MOTU contributes to this great work so we thank our guests for your continued support. Read more about the eco practises we use at MOTU, and about our sustainable ethos. If you are interested in booking at stay at MOTU please visit our booking page or contact our guest relations team, [email protected].